Coops Family

We got our first German Shepherd in 2005, sadly he passed away in 2013. Our hearts were broken and it took us until 2015 to feel ready to welcome a new dog into our family. We knew it had to be another GSD. We looked for local breeders in NI and came across Allison and Barry, we made contact and luckily they had recently had a litter. Allison sent photographs and invited us to meet the puppies – it was love at first sight with our Cooper (Voneisen Di Niro). We were looking for a particularly special dog to be a companion for our son who has autism and just knew we had found that in Coop, his temperament and gentle, loving nature is more than we could have ever asked for. He is smart, funny, cheeky and so very friendly. Allison and Barry have continued to provide advice and support over the years, which has been greatly appreciated. They even look after our boy when we go on holiday – sometimes he doesn’t want to come home! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend adding a voneisen pup to your family – you won’t regret it!

Fiona Laughlin


Voneisen Cuba GSD


Here we see the usual daily family argument over who gets the sofa by the window.  Cuba who normally wins is now 6 years old and is happily living with his best mate Lola the Border Terrier and his parents Peter & Jane.  Cuba, a once successful show dog now retired is the ultimate pet who adores cuddles, a gallop in a field, food and all things to do with his comfort.  He is very good with children and loves meeting new friends. Cuba is our first German Shepherd and whilst having had many breeds of all sizes before we were still a little anxious moving into a breed we had no experience of.  Barry & Allison Hill couldn’t have been more helpful in every way.  Being happy with and getting to know the breeder has been very important to us down through the years and we are still in touch with the breeders of our previous dogs and of course Lola’s.  We have no hesitation in recommending full and heartily the Hills and the Voneisen Kennel. For us, it was the find of a lifetime and we will most certainly be coming back for another dog when that time comes! 

Peter & Jane Martin



German Shepherds have always been a big part of my life having grown up with them from I was a baby, we have had a number over the years and lost one a few years ago due to old age. At the time it wasn’t suitable for us to get another puppy so it was 2017 when I had got in touch with Allison & Barry when we decided the time was right. Having seen the pictures of Bertie and Eika on Facebook I fell in love with them. When Allison informed me they had repeated Eikas breeding I was very excited. When the puppies were 3 weeks old I had the choice of 3 females when I met the litter. Eska picked me and I visited again before she was ready to leave. Allison and Barry have both been fantastic with their advice and encouragement and of course I couldn’t have wished for a better Puppy, Eska is a dream dog she’s fantastic with people and her temperament is one of the best. I would highly recommend Voneisen to anyone looking a good quality German Shepherd.


Emma Moulds


Franki & Freddi

Franki & Freddi

We contacted Voneisen GSD after researching local GSD breeders. Allison & Barry invited us to see their dogs and get a bit of information from them. The dogs were obviously loved & very well looked after and we knew that we would happily purchase a pup from them. Once the litter was a few weeks old we went back and spent time with our pup. While we were there my other half fell in love with a second pup. After a lot of thought, research and discussion we decided to take on 2 pups. While Allison & Barry advised against getting 2 pups at once we were happy to take on the additional responsibility. We received regular updates from Allison & Barry until it was time to pick up our new family members. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Voneisen GSD and if we ever wanted to add to our family we would definitely go back to them. Right from the start, Voneisen has made us feel totally at ease and the after care has been fantastic too.

Livvy Cowan